Welcome to Project Ion

Project Ion is an online game being developed by a couple of game fanatics from the Netherlands. The game has been under active development for several years now and has undercome many changes during this time. Players can currently play and advance in three main professions:  as hunters, miners and crafters.

Project Ion development has speeded up in the recent months . Bugs are being fixed and new interesting features are being added on a regular basis. A mayor update in January 2015 brought a whole new quality of the gamapleay, completely changing the hunting and mining mechanics and introducing skills. An update that followed few weeks later added an interesting crafting system which has been doing well since.

The number of active players is slowly increasing but Project Ion is still far from what it could be if the player base was at least few times bigger than it is now. This website was created by a fan to gather information about the growing world of Project Ion and to help to promote the game. If you played and enjoyed games like Entropia Universe or Afterworld then I encourage you to support this project by installing and playing. Donations are also welcome as they help to speed up the development process. Each Euro donated is rewared with the game currency - Dinars with 1:100 ratio.

Welcome to Project Ion and enjoy the game!