Game Update

  • Posted on: 15 December 2017
  • By: RAJ

What's new?

Overseers are back to their pre 0.5.9 location which is probably optimal with its few flat zones. One way or another Project Ion terrain is far from hunting friendly and several mobs could benefit from being relocated a bit. For example Reaper and Morticoda still spawn a lot on steep hills when nice plains are just few meters away.

Moving Felons have to be hunters biggest nighmare. I do not mind moving mobs in general provided that you can acutally hit them when you shoot while they are in your crosshair. This unfortunately is not the case in Project Ion due to client-server lag or whatever other reason... Until this problem is sorted - NO to moving mobs!

Lowered threshold for hofs? Sure, lets make hof chat even more dead...

VU Release notes (9th Dec 2017)


  • some additional tool and gear attachments
  • fresh line of craftable skirts for the ladies
  • a varied bunch of lootable bandanas for the lucky finders


  • handling of expired claims
  • overseers are spotted in close vicinity to travelers point
  • creature populations and locations in general
  • felons adopted player walk/run and movement
  • planned events visible increased to two weeks before event start
  • hack timeout on facility objects decreased from 10 to 5 minutes
  • increased chance to loot higher durability/value items
  • lowered threshold for 50+ HoF messages from 4k to 2k hp


  • dropping items while dead
  • entering vehicle while dead
  • Felon ragdoll physics and invisibility issues
  • mining bombs animation not shown for remote players
  • missing feet after taking off shoes
  • bugged panels blocking 100% score during facility final battle
  • potential difference between dead creatures visible and actual position
  • more appropriate positioning of the healthbar

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