Game Update

  • Posted on: 25 February 2018
  • By: RAJ

What's new?

Loot and mining system have been redone and without going into details, the changes seem to be for the better. The main problem which still has not been addressed is little variation when it comes to the quality of loot depending on mob. What I mean by this is pretty much everything can be easily obtained from many mobs regardless of their difficulty. Take megaloid and extinctor for example. They are both robots and both drop same kind of components/armors but Megaloid is extremely hard to kill whereas Extinctor is killable by pretty much everybody. Losses on megaloid are enormous (healing, regen, ninja spawning) but there is no reward for hunting them. Unfortunately this principle can be applied to other mobs.

With two new armor sets and Tailor NPC the armor crisis in Project Ion is officially over!

Scan tool is a really good addition to the game allowing players to tailor their hunting gear better.

The Final Battle to me is still useless but reducing activity points with every kill is a step forward. The door access logic is still flawed. If you want to fix it please implement the following: they should not open automatically when hacked and access should not depend on rank in society.

VU Release notes (19th Feb 2018):


  • loot and mining system rewrite with focus on improved maintainability
  • craftable enhanced voyager and prober armor set (more big game hunting armors)
  • bunch of items (mostly crafted)
  • tailor npc to swich clothes and armors which exist in both male and female versions
  • scan tool to gather information about creatures to better determine a hunt strategy
  • analysis skill (scan tool)


  • door access logic for facility capture area
  • capture area points to trigger FB increased by 50 so owners have more time to start defending
  • killing competitors for capture area will reduce their activity points
  • recipe for armor enhancer cs markIII requires creature specific parts


  • broken armor attachment were still active client side and out of sync with server
  • spawning multiple confirmation windows while player enters/exits pvp

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