Game Update

  • Posted on: 10 May 2018
  • By: RAJ

What's new?

A content update we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. 

Two new medium sized mobs have been added (Zeta and Arkanoid) together with two new armor sets (Tyrus and Agenor) and several looted and crafted rifles, going up to level 49! New skill is reponsible for new decent looking PVP weapons.

Miners can now spice up their mining trips with 3 crafted mining amps. They do not seem to be increasing the size of claims much (requires more research) but surely they allow for faster cycling and affect the type of ores found due to increased depth.

Event NPC has been upgraded and now offers all event creation options you could ever imagine. Many missing features requested by the players have been implemented and will surely find a lot of use in the future. Auto use tool and blinking booster icons are a nice addition too.

VU release notes (5th May 2018):


  • NPEvent community exclusive events option
  • NPEvent pvp events for all or specific area option
  • NPEvent hunting all or specific creature option
  • NPEvent mining all or specific raw ore option
  • Blinking booster slots to indicate last 10 seconds
  • Mining detector depth enhancer
  • Auto use tool in aim mode left alt + leftmouse to enable and right mouse to disable (or toggle button on tool bar)
  • Heavy ordnance skill type
  • Craftable/lootabe items
  • Creatures


  • Team leader takes all instead of the looter
  • Health bar/tooltip positioning (drawn too low or too high on avatar/world object)


  • Team damage decides option better distribution for non stackable items
  • NPEvent creation increased max duration time by 12 hours
  • Removed no loots
  • Grab area cant gain points to trigger final battle when one of players community ip also exist in the owners community
  • Technical improvement for better and more efficient avatar combining
  • Reduced weight of mining detector/hack device/scan device

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