Game Update

  • Posted on: 25 August 2018
  • By: RAJ

Whats new?

Finally something everybody has been waiting for. Hunting missions can now be picked up from a new NPC located in Babylon next to the northern gate. Players can choose from initial 4 missions, each having a difficulty level depending on the mob that we have to kill. The mission are classical kill X amount of Y mob to get Z amount of S skill. The rewards comes in a form of skill books which can be 'consumed' using a new item called Woosh PDB that can be bought from Mr Fixit.
Skill books are tradeable which in thoery opens a path to skill trading. Extracting skills is not possible at this point but this is a feature that that some have requested and can possibly be added to the game in the future. Completing a single mission unlocks another one which eventually leads to missions that take more time to complete and offer better skill rewards. What I personally do not like is the fact that players are given limited freedom when it comes to mission selection. What I mean by this is that you cannot go straight for the mob/skill you like but instead you are forced to switch between severl types of mobs at a given level. This often means hunting mobs which you may not fancy hunting for reward that you are not really interested in. On the other hand this in a way guarantees that there is always something going on in different parts of the map on different mobs. I would still go for the freedom...
I haven't really noticed much change in mining when it comes to claims popping up in 'nasty' locations but at least we know that developers are aware of the problem and were trying to improve things...
Final battle change seems cosmetic and irrelevant since to me the whole pvp final battle system is complete rubbish at the moment. Do not get me wrong - I really do think the general idea is great and unique but my understanding of it is that it should make people participate in PVP battles. It has been around 2 years since this feature was added and I have hardly seen any. Therefore this must be one of the biggest potentials wasted by the developers. As long as battles can be triggered and won by pretty much anybody this is a nonsense. Outlaws Battles should simply happen regularly on fixed day of the week and at fixed time just like weekly mining and hunting events. Even thought PVP zones exist, Project Ion still has very little to offer in terms of interesting and purposeful PVP gameplay.

VU release notes (19th August 2018):


  • Hunting quest system with (tradable) skill book rewards
  • Portable digital book tool required to use skill books
  • Visual animation for reaching new skill level


  • Serpentaur ancient damage type
  • Mining tool level client side visuals


  • Mining ground detection to find less steep location for claims
  • Increased activity points required to trigger final battle to 350 (+100)

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