Game Update 1.0.5

  • Posted on: 14 October 2019
  • By: RAJ

Whats new?

Huge update for hunters since they can now select a mob for every level of the hunting quests. The global chat is back in a bit changed form. 

VU 1.0.5 release notes (13th October 2019):


  • High level underground mining resource
  • Assortment of crafable items
  • Ability to choose specific creatures for the hunting quest
  • Option for outside ambient light under options (Graphics/PostEffects)
  • Option for saturation under options (Graphics/PostEffects) when color grading enabled
  • Toggle option to turn of the pvp enter/exit warning window (Options/Advanced)
  • Toggle option to show action messages heals/damage etc. on screen (Options/Advanced)
  • Option to increase crafting energy/speed at the cost of progress/success rate
  • Unlock global help chat for avatars who've reached lvl 21 sanity or lvl 28 tenacity
  • Natural resource pick-ups
  • Few more idle animations on avatars
  • Chat commands and buttons for animated/audible emotes
  • Two extra weekly events on tuesday and friday
  • Optional bonus skill(s) for system generated events


  • Moved post-effects from Options/Advanced to Options/Graphics
  • More fine grained control for chat channel ignore options
  • More audio volume options (work in progress)
  • Increased Open Season Sunday event duration to 2 hours (per request)
  • Players using televators can't receive damage anymore while showing portal screen
  • Televator usage is limited to once every 4 seconds (excluding travel time)


  • Missing message for ammount of fuel added to vehicle
  • Pick axe durability/value only updated on unequip or switch to other tool

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