Game Update 1.2.0

  • Posted on: 22 April 2020
  • By: RAJ

Whats new?

Most armor parts can now be repaired so hunting should be much more available and fun. Auction fee has changed drastically. Outlaws PVP battle is definetely getting better. Adding blueprints and boss mobs with shared loot opens up new possibilities for the future. Summing up: great update.

VU 1.2.0 release notes (11th April 2019):


  • Expanded the crafting system with collectible blue prints called STL files (Standard Triangle language)
  • Crouch and jump animations are replaced by more smooth/refined movements
  • Loot system implementation to allow boss creatures to be looted by multiple teams and/or players. Please note that it's recommended to approach in teams to maximize damage output.
  • The ION Arrow adds a flying vehicle which is a quest in and of itself to acquire
  • Crouch and jump animations are replaced by more smooth/refined movements
  • Implemented wearable shades for avatars
  • Reporting final battle PvP kills in discord during player owned facility take-over
  • More lightweight non-pbr terrain shader to save an extra ~5 fps (available under options->terrain)


  • Crafting speed was not updated
  • Event window change from collapse to close button after event
  • Storage was missing selection boxes and showing inside the inventory
  • Storage bugged if opened/closed too fast while loading
  • Trunk could not add more items despite showing available slots
  • Yellow reefer coat (f) showing incorrect item name
  • Rocket/grenades area of effect damage for creatures. Multipile hitboxes were registered as different targets sometimes
  • First person view on female avatar obscured by the insides of a hat
  • Mouse hover not always showing desired effect in 3rd person view (with unlocked mouse cursor on objects like assembly terminal)
  • Portal device activation menu got lost in some edge cases
  • Chat scroll bar position shouldn't be overridden by received messages when the position is manually held by the mouse cursor
  • Audio settings were reset in certain edge-cases
  • Leave Team did not work when selected other player of the team
  • Auction cancel repairs were lost
  • MTU size option was only updated after restart client
  • Community terminal scroll size
  • Team Loot distribution according to 'damage decides' fumbled with over two players in a team


  • Improved avatar animation blending
  • Zion revive has been moved underground
  • Removed DX9 option because BC7 high quality texture compression is not supported
  • Vehicle repairs in PvP is limited to the owner of said vehicle to prevent abuse of the repair system to grief other players
  • Community are eligible for ranking with 3 or more players
  • Community ranking was changed from average to total xp
  • A hack timeout of ~50 seconds was added after cancelled hacks in the mission area/bot ship
  • All looted armor parts now have 1 repair by default so they can be dropped more often
  • Paint recipes made less demanding on players hemp oil supplies
  • Auction fee is now based on opening bid mark-up with a minimum of 0.50 PID
  • Area Outlaws tax settings range optimized to prevent absurdities
  • Most ammo recipes reduced ~50% to craft smaller stacks
  • Team member can invite others to team without being leader

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