Beware! You can lose all carried raw materials if you die inside of the lootable PvP area Outlaws killed by other player or a creature.

Gathering is the easiest way of getting free money in Project Ion. Raw materials like hemp plant, coca plant and wood log spawn all over the map and can be picked up by walking into them. Their spawn rate is especially high inside the lootable PvP area Outlaws. Here is how they look like:

Hemp Plant
Coca Plant
Wood Log

Other resources like crude oil and 238 uranium only spawn is specific locations. Crude Oil spawns from Oil Rig located in the center of the PvP area Mad Max. Because of dangerous robots roaming the area, gaining access to the oil barrel is impossible for unexperienced players.

Oil Rig

238 Uranium spawns from Uranium Rig located right ouside the northern wall of the Outlaws Base and inside the Outlaws Underground

Uranium Rig

All gathered raw materials can be sold to Pwn Shop located in Babylon or to other players.