Welcome to hunting tutorial. In this tutorial I will share with you some basic hunting tips which should help you during your hunting trips in Project Ion. Before we go and kill creatures we need to get geared up. Basic hunting equipment like weapons, ammunition, healkits, bandages and armor can be bought from Mr Quick Fix who can be found in Babylon.

I suggest choosing a weapon first. If you haven't got many Dinars you can start by purchasing a knife which will last you for approximately 10 kills. While hunting with knife you gain experience in Shortblades skill, which affects the damage you deal with short bladed weapons. Effective use of weapons and tools in Project Ion depends on a certain skill. On the screenshot below you can see a knife with Skill Progress at 100% meaning that it will always deal between 96 and 100% of its maximum damage. You start with Skill Progress at 0% and gradually move towards the 100%. If your Skill Progress with a weapon is 0%, it will deal from 50 to 100% of its maximum damage 

Knife Stats window

Using melee weapons means taking a lot of damage. There are several ways of dealing with this problem. You can either:

  • Purchase a Basic Healkit and some basic bandage packs. Using a healkit will gain you experience in the First Aid skill.
  • Purchase an armor. Mr Quick Fix sells Explorer Armor parts. You can buy the whole set or just a few parts. Differect creatures focus their attacks on certain parts of the body. In this tutorial we will be killing smaller creatures which usually hit lower parts protected by boots and thighs and harness so if you haven't got many Dinars, you can purchase these parts only.
  • Use HP regeneration boosters like Ganja or/and Jerky. You can have 2 different boosters active at a time. If you completed the crafting tutorial you should have enought Ganja to last you for several hours of hunting.
  • Use a ranged weapon like M1911 pistol or M16A1 rifle to minimize the amount of damage you take before the creature goes down.
  • Use any combination of the above depending on the hunted creature and hunting gear.

If you decide to purchase a ranged weapon you will need to buy some ammo as well. Different weapons use different types of ammo. Mr Quick Fix sells NATO Cartridges used by certain rifles and ACP Cartridges used by certain pistols. Other types or ammo are crafted.

Now that you have chosen what gear to use, it is time to pick a creature to hunt. For a start I suggest hunting small Mutated Spiders or AB Miners. Small spiders can be found to the south east from Babylon and all around the Spider Outpost. The spawn density around the Spider Outpost is very high and spiders are quite agressive so be careful not to engage too many at a time. Spiders loot Hemp Plants which can be sold with a nice markup or used for crafting boosters.

Hunting spiders

AB Miners can be found to the west from Zion Citadel. The spawn density increases as you approach the PvP area Mad Max and is the highest inside the zone. AB Miners very rarely attack first even at a very close range. They loot many crafting components, ores and bombs all of which can be sold with a markup.

Hunting AB Miners

Good luck and HOF!