Why GABI Farouk Mota is a scammer

  • Posted on: 10 September 2018
  • By: RAJ

Why am I writing this?

Firstly I do understand that it is not going to help the game in becoming more popular but hopefully new players will be more carefull when it comes to selling their loot. So please check with several people from different societies before you sell anything because there are individuals in this community who will take advantage of your lack of knowledge for their personal gain. And sadly they will get away with it...
Secondly I still cannot understand why the developers did not do anything to help 'alba' get his gun back. It is their game and it is them who should be caring about attracting new players instead of losing them. For the first time in Project Ion's history we could all say 'WOW, that's a dream loot'. New player joins free to play MMORPG and finds 200 Euros mining treasure. That would for sure attract many others who havent got the money to play the 'other' game. Instead we lost that new player because somebody who we all know and has been around forever screwed him and we did not try hard enought to fix it.
Lastly I cannot understand why Illuminati members did not do or say nothing. What does it say about your group if your boss takes advantage of a new player instead of helping him. Do you want to be playing this game alone? 

What exactly happened?

I hadn't really known 'alba ca zapada' before all this happened. I only remembered seeing him a lot in Zion. He was always crafting bombs before making his daily mining run. He later told me that he had like the game so much that he started posting YouTube videos with his gameplay in order to get more people to join. You can still find them on his YouTube channel... 
Later on 'alba' started sharing his videos on the official game forurm. After following one of his posts to YouTube and watching the video (3:42 to be exact) I realized that during one of his mining trips he had found a treasure that was (and still is at the time I am writing this in October 2018) unquestionably the best loot in Project Ion's history. Full TT  Gattler Mini is a sweet little gun that offers almost 1 million shots without necessity to reload or buy crafted ammo. That means weeks or even months of hardcore hunting. Every player who has spent a while in a game had to be aware of its very high value which could be anything between 20,000 and 30,000 dinar. I personally knew at least few hunters who would be happy to buy it for real money and pay 150 Euros or so.
After seeing the video I contacted 'alba' in game to ask if the gun was sale. It turned out that he had already sold it and the price he got for it was ridiculosly low - 1,000 dinar (10 Euros donation). The buyer was 'GABI Farrouk Mota' - one of the most experienced players in game and founder and boss of the oldest society in game - Illuminati. 'GABI' was well aware of the true value of the item but instead of simply congratulating 'alba', he took advantage of his inexperience and offered 1,000 dinar which sure sounded like a good deal to someone who had only recently joined the game and had almost no knowledge about it. To make things worse, 'alba' never advertised the gun for sale. 'GABI' simply found the YouTube video before it was first shared on forum and anyone had chance to see it.
I tried bringing this to the attention of the community and the developers by posting on forum but in the end the developers decided not to do anything about it since the trade was initially accepted by both sides. Most of Gabi's soc mates decided to simply ignore the whole situation, only one of them left Illuminati to protest. 'alba' left the game and few other good players disgusted with the whole situation followed. 'GABI' when confroned laughted at everyone since he got away with everything. He is still playing and hoping to sell the gun - preferably for real money...
To me and many others this was an example of a markup scam where one side is lead by the other to believe that the deal is fair when it is in fact a robbery.


you have this personnall Wiki made for you but not suported from Devs ... thats the first point. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WIKI...
After this i hope you not take off this message to everyone read what i whant to express..
this is a GAME to Win and Loose and because of that we have good and bad players.(like in Entropia you know what i mean right?)...

I did not force anyone to sell anything.
I did not force or insist that this business be done.
he asked me to make-up offer and I did.
he asked for a little time to talk to other colleagues and then came to trade with me.
You wanted me to do what? This is a game..; so stop fucking me and play because that's what this project is for ...

And you would of done the same thing if you had the chance all high and mighty RAJ

Sadly this happens a lot in mmorpg's.
Entropia Has a few society's that take advantage of new players in the same since.
This thing happens and game owners cant be held responsible to take action on these things other than maybe banning a player or two.
The best action you can take has already been completed by your self.
Make it widely public and known who the scammers are and how to avoid being scammed. :)
BTW: this was a great read thanks!

It's 2019 and here I find myself engaging in things happening over a year ago. Just to state the facts and context from the perspective of us lovely folks responsible for coding bugs into PIon and no-loots. Very well then...

There was a magical weapon looted by an unwitting peasant who entered into a trade with a random passer-by. The passer-by offered the lad quite a sum of money, over 1200% of the object's worth in materials. He swiftly accepted the deal and happily continued his travels.

News of the magical weapon trading for such a small fee caused an uproar amongst the people and they claimed that repairs need be paid to the peasant by the passer-by. They even demanded that the local sheriff interveined in the matter. To their surprise the sheriff responded, rather unwillingly, but good folks, this is but a trade deal!

The crowd murmured and some agreed that this was, in fact, the case. Not everyone felt content with the sheriffs perception, but calmed down after a pint or 3 in the local tavern...

Just to be super serial, for serial: RAJ controls his content, we control ours. We respect these terms and link here for the benefit of players with access to this great source of information. The disclaimer from our referral page is specifically aimed at making this distinction clear.


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